Paper Dinnerware Set Navy Blue & Gold for 36 Guests
  • UNIQUE Striped Design: A combination of the deep navy blue with the bright shine of gold you won't find anywhere else. Classical and bright at the same time blue and gold plates. Stylish design without any unnecessary details.
  • All Details Matter: Knives, spoons and forks with beautiful and festive handles! Decorate your table with gold and blue shiny foil confetti! Spruce up and add fun to the party! Gold Striped pattern on royal blue paper plates.
  • PERFECT Size: Our paper plates are larger than in other sets. The big dinner plates are 10.5 in, and the small salad or dessert plates are 8 in. The paper cup size is 12 oz!
  • JUST Over a Dollar Per Guest: You get enough identical blue paper plates, cups, napkins and silverware. Zero worries about damaged dishes. No more dishwashing! It takes just minutes to collect and dispose party plates set
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