Simple Solution for Every Day
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Decor & Party
We want to make sure that the simple things that surround you every day give you satisfaction and that you are pleased with the quality of our products and how stylish and elegant they are. And we also want you to save time on cleaning after the party, and our decor will delight your eyes.

Party Disposable Dinnerware


Simple Solution for Every Day
Make your party even brighter and more exclusive with our dinnerware sets. And you don't need to clean up.

Home and Office Decor

We're looking for interesting ideas that will become beautiful accents in your home or office. And we have something to offer you.

Why choose us?

Eco Friendly
We care about our environment, so the whole products are made of eco-friendly, renewable and biodegradable paper, BPA-free plastic.
Nothing superfluous just style. We create simple and elegant things that will look good in any interior and over the years.
High quality
We very delicately select the materials that are used for our products and check the quality of products at each stage of production
Easy Choice
You saw, you bought, you enjoyed
I love stylish things and I believe that even small details can change our perception of space or even a moment in life. I want to make our world a little more comfortable.
Serhii Krot
Digger House Co
Simple Solution for Every Day
Better decision for You

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